Youthful Look at the Art of Pablo Picasso


Photo of "Child with a Dove" by Pablo Picasso taken by IanBauer


Cave Paintings To Picasso: The Inside Scoop On 50 Art Masterpieces by Henry M. Sayre.  Introduces fifty celebrated works of art, including King Tut's sarcophagus and Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbell's soup cans, with historical and interpretive information for each piece.

Guess What!

Oooh! Picasso! By Mil Niepold. Reveals five Picasso sculptures, three pictures show individual details, and the final shows the entire piece. Creates a guessing game for readers to determine what the final photo will reveal.


Pablo Picasso by Stefano Loria. Introduces readers to background on the artist, along with information on various works.

Party Prep

Paris in the Spring with Picasso by Joan Yolleck. Describes how some of Paris's famous artists and writers, such as Pablo Picasso, Max Jacob, and Guillaume Apollinaire, spend their day before preparing to attend a party at Gertrude Stein's apartment.

Picasso's Cat

Picasso and Minou by P. I. Maltbie. The artist Pablo Picasso's cat Minou influences him to discontinue his Blue Period style of painting to begin creating works that will sell more quickly. Includes brief notes on Picasso's life and work.

Art Model

Picasso And The Girl With A Ponytail: A Story About Pablo Picasso by Laurence Anholt. Sylvette gradually begins to gain self-confidence during the summer she models for the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in the French village of Vallauris.

Photo credit: IanBauer


Author Bio:

DeAnn O. has been to the Picasso Museum in Paris, and learned a lot about the artist and his works there.

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