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It's That Time of Year Again...

Photo of boy in a homemade stop light costume by woodleywonderworks.My daughter is still in preschool, yet I dread this time of year. This is the time I have to think about costumes for Halloween. I am not one of those moms who can go into a closet and throw together an awesome ensemble out of an old skirt, a funky hat, and some pom poms. No, the past 3 years have been “Which princess do you want to be?” And then pulling out a dress from the hand me down dress up clothes box. My daughter has her own ideas now about what she wants to be for Halloween. The Little Mermaid. Or a Power Ranger (really?). Finally, while out shopping one day, she asked for a Minnie Mouse costume from Target. Done.

Get Crafty with These Halloween Books

Well, in case you are feeling ambitious and/or creative, here are some books you can check out to create some cool stuff for Halloween…

All New Crafts for Halloween
by Kathy Ross
From a simple craft, puzzle piece ghost pin, to the more intricate, Frankenstein treasure keeper. These crafts all use household and craft items, and can be done by a younger child with parental help.

The Halloween Book by Jane Bull
There are instructions for a simple Jack-o-lantern, silhouettes for windows, ideas for treat buckets, face painting instructions, and simple costume suggestions. There are also some spooky potion recipes, and fun and games for Halloween parties.

Halloween Crafts by Fay Robinson
A good book for crafts for younger children. There is a bat sock puppet, pipe cleaner tarantula, pop up card, bats on a branch, ghosts on a stick, and more. Includes simple patterns.

Spooky Halloween Crafts by Susan Cousineau
This book has more advanced crafts, including a milk carton haunted house, a pumpkin pin made out of clay, favor ideas, haunted graveyard stage, ghost topiary. There are some “quick crafts” like a ghost finger puppet, and scary skull ornament as well.

Glue and Go Costumes for Kids by Holly Cleeland
The title makes it sound so easy. Using foam board and plastic bowls, with packing tape and wire, you can make a bacon and eggs costume. White butcher paper and cardboard lying around? Make a paper airplane costume! They look cool, but after going through some of the instructions, I am happy with my costume from Target.

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DeAnn O. thinks the best thing about Halloween is leftover trick or treat candy.

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