Picture Book Authors A to Z: “T” is for Thomas


Photo of author Jan Thomas.Jan Thomas is one of my favorite authors to use at storytime for her comical, bold, bright illustrations, and funny dialogue. She lives in Socorro, New Mexico. Jan Thomas’ website has lots of fun activities to print out.

Here are Some Books Written and Illustrated by Jan Thomas

Rhyming Dust Bunnies
Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob rhyme all the time! But Bob does not rhyme as well as Ed, Ned and Ted. Especially when he is trying to warn his friends about the big, loud vacuum cleaner! This book is a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Birthday for Cow
It is Cow’s birthday, and his friends are making him a special cake. Only Duck wants to add a turnip, and Pig and Mouse think that is silly. But what will Cow think?

What Will Fat Cat Sit On? 
A group of animals is terrified at the prospect of being sat upon by the imposing Fat Cat, until the mouse comes up with a solution that satisfies everyone.

Is Everyone Ready for Fun?
Chicken is not happy when a few boisterous cows invade his new sofa. How will he get them to stop their antics?

Can You Make a Scary Face? 
Ladybug invites the reader to join the silly fun, making this another of my interactive storytime favorites.

Easter Bunny’s Assistant
You didn’t know the Easter Bunny has an assistant? You’ll be even more surprised to know the assistant is a skunk! Just imagine all the fun they have coloring eggs together. Except when the skunk has some uncontrollable odor problems.


Author Bio:

DeAnn O. is a big fan of Jan Thomas’ books, and can’t wait for more!

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