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Photo of kittens by Gus and Jacques by Denis Concordel.Those delightful, soft, small balls of fur offer their friendship and playfulness generously most of the time...for they also have a will of their own, a little wild side which reminds us they belong to the great family of felines. You can discover and learn more about them in the numerous books of the San Mateo County Library collection.

Best Photos

Lisa Magloff has compiled a series of cute photos in Kitten, part of the Watch Me Grow collection. Kittens are photographed jumping in mid-air, climbing trees, newborn nursing, and more.

The best pictures by breed are found in Scott Carey's Kittens: An Ideal Introduction to the World of Kittens. Persian long hairs, Marmelade, Tabbies, Royal and Oriental breeds are magnificent. The book gives you tips to choose the best breeds and explores the myths surrounding them.

Kittens, Kittens All Around by Peggy Schaefer contains exceptional black and white photos of those adorable creatures.

Best Books for Caring for Kittens

Just like infants, your precious baby cats are still fragile and need lots of attention and care. The most helpful handbook I’ve found for kids is Kim Dennis Bryan's Kitten Care: A Guide to Loving and Nurturing Your Pet. Step by step and with lots of photos, it shows you how to find and choose a kitten, how to get your home ready, and suggestions for activities and playtimes. This book covers every detail and answers any question you may have.

Mark Evans’ Kitten (an ASPCA guide designed for kids) shows you how to make a useful fact sheet for your pet. This includes your kitten’s name, birthdate, weight, the type of food it likes, favorite games, vet's name and contact information, and so on.

Photo of kittens by Gus and Jacques by Denis Concordel.An unusual but most interesting publication by Judy Petersen-Fleming will amaze you: it's called Kitten Training and Critters, Too! This book compares the training of your kitten to the work of professional wild animal keepers. For example, to reward your kitten when he has done what you’ve asked, give him his favorite treat, a hug, or a little pat. It's the same with a killer whale: he gets a mackerel and a rubdown!

Kittens in Fiction

Several series in our collection will delight you with charming stories as well as thrilling adventures. In the Easy Reader section, you will discover Magic Kitten by Sue Bentley (7 volumes), Mittens by Lola Schaefer (4 volumes), and Katie, the Kitten Fairy by Daisy Meadows (part of the Rainbow Magic Pet Fairies series).

The best chapter books in the Juvenile section are found in the Animal Ark series by Ben Baglio, which includes 4 titles: Kittens in the Kitchen, Kitten in the Candy Corn, Kitten in the Cold, and Tabby in the Tub.

In our best classic tales of the Picture Book section for our younger readers, kittens seem to come mostly in numbers! We find three of them in Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone and Mama Cat Has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming (with artsy and brightly colored illustrations), four of them in Four Hungry Kittens by Emily Mccully, and five in Five Little Kittens by Nancy Jewell (a sweet family story).

Meow, meow!

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Jocelyne C. is an extra help library assistant always searching for captivating kid books to entice her youngest daughter to read. She likes to share her findings.

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