An Eye for Annai


Jon Klassen, who is one of my favorite authors and illustrators, is quite the talented chap. His illustrations are top notch and he’s also got a way with words. I had no idea that he played the recorder too! Yes, yes, it’s a somewhat rudimentary instrument, but toot toot toot, don’t ask me to play any songs on it. Tooooooooooot.

Klassen plays the recorder in An Eye for Annai, a short film that he made with Dan Rodrigues in his third year at Sheridan College's Classical Animation Program. It’s a cute little movie that’s worth a watch. Toot toot!

An Eye for Annai

Klassen’s Tumblrs

Klassen has two different Tumblr accounts that are worth checking out. The first one features posts about his work and upcoming projects. The second one plays more like a list of inspirations. He posts photos and illustrations of nature scenes and architecture that are somewhat reminiscent of the landscapes in House Held Up By Trees and his nature prints. I suggest a glance through the Google image search for Jon Klassen because there’s some great stuff in there, including some nice birthday cards and New York Times illustrations.

The Dark

Klassen illustrated the new Lemony Snicket book The Dark. It’s already getting favorable reviews on Goodreads (based on preview copies). It doesn’t come out until April 2nd, but through the marvels of modern technology, you can pre-order the book from Amazon. So far, Klassen is batting 1000 for me and I am excited to see this new collaboration.


Author Bio:

Tommy M cannot play the recorder, unless you’re talking about the VCR.

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