Happy Presidents' Day!


Presidents' Day by Anne F RockwellIn addition to Presidents' Day on February 18th, be sure to wish a happy birthday to two of the most famous presidents in our nation’s history, George Washington (February 22nd) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12th)!

To get into the spirit of this historical month, here are books inspired by one of the most patriotic months of the year.

Books for Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell
The children in Mrs. Madoff’s class decide to celebrate President’s Day by putting on a play. Children build sets to resemble Mount Rushmore and dress as numerous presidents while giving short informative speeches. At the back of the book, there are facts about the Mount Rushmore presidents. It’s a great way to introduce your children to the holiday!

Meet George Washington by Patricia A. Pingry
This is an introductory and child friendly biography of George Washington. The book spans Washington’s childhood to his adulthood, when he becomes the first president of the United States. By learning about Washington’s childhood, children are able to see how dreams can become a reality.

Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers by Karen Winnick
Based on a true story, twelve-year old Grace Bedell sees a picture of Abraham Lincoln while campaigning and writes a letter to him suggesting he should grow a beard to improve his appearance. Lincoln in fact takes Grace’s advice, and takes the time to meet her. In the back of the book, the actual letter from Grace is included!

Craft Time!

After reading these wonderful books (and to ensure your child will retain these stories), try some of these crafts! Here are some fun and creative presidential-themed projects to share with your little ones. You can even have your child make their very own powdered wigs and stovepipe hats!

Fun and Unique Facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

George Washington:

  • His favorite foods were pineapples, Brazil nuts, and ice cream.
  • All of his teeth were pulled by the time Washington was the President. He would wear dentures most of the time.
  • Washington was very smart: he was reported to h an IQ of 125!

Abraham Lincoln:

  • He was the tallest U.S. President at 6 feet 4 inches!
  • Lincoln loved animals and disliked hunting or killing them, even for food.
  • He had several pets including cats, dogs, and even a turkey!
  • He was the first president to have a beard.


Author Bio:

Jacqui Grande is a library aide at Atherton Library. In elementary school she played George Washington in a class play. Yes, with the powdered wig and all.

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