It's Clifford's Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Clifford!

Photo of clifford by Scholastic.He's 50 years old! Clifford The Big Red Dog first made his appearance in 1963 in a series of popular children's books written by Norman Bridwell. In the stories, the friendly, helpful, and outgoing canine was adopted as a runty puppy by a child named Emily, whose love for her new friend helped him grow to more than 25 feet tall. Clifford has endured as a favorite children's character over the decades and even appeared in a TV series from 2000 to 2003.

Get More Clifford

Peninsula Library System offers 143 items, including books, dvd's and videos, dating back to 1965. Check them out and join in celebrating Clifford's 50 big years. Find your favorite Clifford the Big Red Dog book or DVD here.

Also visit Scholastic Media to see the new Clifford the Big Red Dog books and DVDs, and all the ways they are celebrating Clifford's birthday, including a national sweepstakes and an online birthday card campaign leading up to Clifford's official birthday on February 14. There are also some fun, interactive games you can play online.

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