Earth Day 2013


Earth Day graphic.A bipartisan political effort resulted in the creation of Earth Day in 1970 and the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency. On that day, millions of school children set off in bell bottom jeans to clean up litter. San Mateo County Library has numerous titles that will introduce your young readers to environmentalism and climate change. Some of the most recent releases include:

Earth Day by Clara Cella
Describes the how and why behind Earth Day for readers in grades K-2.

Katie Saves The Earth by Fran Manushkin
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are three tenets of sustainability, and in Katie Saves The Earth, Katie holds a yard sale and does just that; this book is also, for ages K-2.

Earth Day, Birthday! by Maureen Wright
It may be monkey’s birthday, but the other animals want to celebrate the planet’s birthday in Earth Day, Birthday!, a 32-page read for ages 3 to 7, with green tips interspersed throughout.

Ready Freddy, Save the Earth! by Abby Klein
First-graders participate in a green challenge in Ready Freddy, Save the Earth!

Climate Change is a Hot Topic

Two non-fiction books that share the same title are appropriate for ages 8 to 10 are Climate Change by Peter Benoit and Climate Change by Jason D. Nemeth.

For a more graphic-driven and humorous read for ages 9 to 14, check out 50 Climate Questions: A Blizzard of Blistering Facts, which details how climate has altered history and geography.


Author Bio:

Paula Hess is a Brisbane Public Library Intern and participated in the first Earth Day with her classmates in the last century.

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