World Penguin Day!


Photo of molting Chinstrap penguin by NOAA Photo Library.Every year on April 25th marks World Penguin Day! Celebrate the day by learning about the various species of penguins, including penguins who hate the cold! Check out these non-fiction and fiction children's books:

Children's Non-fiction:

Children's Fiction:

Craft Time!

To celebrate World Penguin Day! try some of these simple and fun crafts with your family and you'll be waddling in no time! There are various projects such as penguin hats, coloring pages, paper mache penguins, and so much more for all ages and skill levels.

Photo credit: NOAA Photo Library


Author Bio:

Jacqui Grande is an aide for Atherton Library. She would love to go visit the Galapagos Islands and the warm weather penguins! Did you know that Galapagos Penguins are the only penguins that live on the equator?

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