Craftmaking: Homemade Fun


Photo of child doing crafts by woodleywonderworks.During the months of summer vacation, it can be easy for families to while away the hours watching television, playing video games, or being glued to a new app. For a change of pace, why not try making handicrafts or doing another creative activity with family members?

Crafting is an activity that everyone in your family can have fun doing together and you’ll be left with something that you can be proud of afterwards, whether it be a story, a piece of artwork, or a handmade toy.

Stop by the library and pick up one or more of these books to get the creative juices flowing for you and your family:


Crafting Events

The libraries are also offering several crafting events and other activities for children and all ages during the summer. Come join in the fun!

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks


Author Bio:

Jessica Chung is a MLIS student and an intern for the San Mateo County Library.

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