Under the Sea


Photo of boy under watter by Ed Garcia.Summer is a good time to go to the beach or some exotic destination. Get into the ocean, and explore what’s underneath the sea… or you can just read about it. Here is a small sample of books you can explore at your local library.

Selected Books

  • Life in a Coral Reef by Wendy Pfeffer
    Perfect for browsing, younger children can explore what kinds of creatures live in the coral reef.
  • Ocean Sunlight : How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas by Molly Bang
    Explains how all life on the Earth depends, directly or indirectly, on light from the sun, and describes how all ocean life, from the tiniest plankton to great whales, including the creatures in the darkest depths, form a web that uses sunshine.

Photo credit: Ed Garcia


Author Bio:

DeAnn O. has a fear of being submerged under water, but can handle reading about it.

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