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“My mother, your mother live across the street.
18, 19 Blueberry Street…”

“Candy apple on a stick
Make my tummy go 2-4-6”

Do you remember hearing or singing these rhymes on the playground when you were a kid? They came rushing into my head when I came across the book Schoolyard Rhymes by Judy Sierra and Melissa Sweet. They’re almost like folk tales—you hear them on the playground, they’re passed down from generation to generation, there are slight variations in wording, and they’re very memorable. This collection is a neat way to revisit old rhymes and learn new ones.

School Books

TSchoolyard Rhymes by Judy Sierra.he library is a great place to find poetry picture books and chapter books. There are many poetry books—like Schoolyard Rhymes—that feature familiar school settings: the classroom, cafeteria, school bus, playground, and more. Many are funny collections that can entertain kids as they ease into a new year. I’ve collected a few titles here.


Celebrate this exciting year of new experiences with these two books.


It’s always fun to look forward to special occasions, and some of us get a kick out of crossing off the days on a calendar. In the context of school, two highly anticipated days are the 100th day of school and the last day of the school year. These fun countdown books feature one new poem a day.

Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky is one of the most popular and prolific American children’s poets. He was the first officially appointed Children's Poet Laureate. His poems are often humorous and full of wordplay. Also a musician, Prelutsky grew up in New York and was involved in the folk music scene, where he befriended Bob Dylan. Visit the library’s Literature Resource Center or Jack Prelutsky’s website for more information about the author and his writings.

Wait, There’s More

Here are some more books that kids are sure to enjoy inside and outside of the classroom.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the youth services librarian in Half Moon Bay.

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