What a Talent!


Photo of Yuyi Morales.To say that Yuyi Morales is a gifted author and illustrator is kind of like saying that Old Faithful is an interesting water feature. It's not inaccurate as far as it goes, it just doesn't go far enough.

The Many Moods of Morales

Consider her latest offering Nino Wrestles the World, the story of a lucha libre champ who fends off the most monstrous opponents until he has to face his biggest challenge...his little sister.

For an entirely different shift in mood and in artistic style pick up Little Night, the peaceful story of Mother Sky and her child, Little Night.

Just a Minute!

Or there’s Morales’ Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book, which has also been done as a DVD. Grandma Beetle encounters Senor Calavera as she prepares for her birthday party, and some interesting things ensue. Senor Calavera gets around. You can also find him on YouTube.

More on Yuyi

Of course, Yuyi has a website with a lot of neat stuff that’s well worth visiting. Whatever format you choose, check her out. Parents, Yuyi Morales has some great stuff to share with your kids that you, too, will enjoy.


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a Public Services Librarian at Half Moon Bay Library. If you look for him at a lucha libre event you won't find him there.

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