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Photo of children dressed as superheros by your neighborhood librarian.Every kid has a time or two where they wish they could be their own superhero. Superpowers sure would come in handy when you're facing down a playground bully, or an evil grown-up who wants you to eat your vegetables. But while elementary-aged readers might devour traditional superhero comic books, the tiniest tots probably aren't ready to sit through such long plotlines. Fear not: these youngest readers can still indulge in fantasies of adventure and superpowers. Check out the picture books below for superheros, super powers, and secret identities that are perfect for the preschool crowd.

The Secret to the Superpower

Everyone knows a superhero must have a special source for his or her superpowers. In John Rocco's sweet and simple Super Hari-o and the Barber of Doom, our faithful heroes, much like Sampson, draw their powers from their long, untamed mops of hair! But disaster strikes when our little heroes must get haircuts. Are they still able to save the day? Also try Vivian Schwartz's Timothy and the Strong Pajamas. Timothy's powers come from his super strong pajamas - but what happens when they rip? Both these books show kids that they can be strong, even when they're feeling weak.

What Does a Superhero Look Like?

Superheroes can come in all shapes and sizes, and no one proves this better than Doreen Cronin in Diary of A Fly. Flies may be tiny, our hero argues, but that doesn't mean they can't save the day! Flies have their own special powers - they can land upside down, they can see in many directions at once, and of course, they can fly! Another hero in miniature is Mini Grey's Traction Man. Check out Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog for this action figure's pint-sized adventures.

The Nefarious Villain

Every superhero needs a good villain to fight against. In Superhero School, by Aaron Reynolds, Leonard is thrilled to be starting superhero school. But all his hero teachers seem to want to teach him are multiplication and division! When ice monsters attack and kidnap all the teachers, will Leonard be able to save the day? Reynolds sneaks a little math and problem-solving practice into this brightly colored adventure. Sneak in even more educational value with Bob Mcleod's Superhero ABC. With a hero for every letter of the alphabet, this books lets you fight crime and learn your letters at the same time.

Superheroes for Everyone!

Finally, for a story your little hero can really step into, check out Superhero by Marc Tauss. Tauss's book is illustrated not with brightly colored pictures but with beautiful black and white photographs. The hero of this story is Maleek, an ordinary kid (with a superhero costume, of course) who sets out to save his city. Or try David Soman's Lady Bug Girl. Lady Bug Girl may not be a traditional super hero, but she's an excellent reminder that girls, too, can put on a pair of tights and be a hero to others. Lastly, in Superhero Joe and the Creature Next Door, Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman's hero Joe learns that meeting the new neighbors moving in next door doesn't have to be a scary experience after all. This lesson in bravery is amplified by Ron Barrett's colorful illustrations, which are really in the spirit of classic comic books.

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