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Brothers and sisters can be the best - or the worst. For many kids, little brothers or big sisters can be pretty tough to get along with. They steal Mom and Dad's attention, or wreck a favorite toy, and sometimes kids are left wondering: what are siblings good for? These picture books all about brothers and sisters provide the answers.

Photo of siblings by Sunflower Central.Sibling Stories

If your little ones are having a hard time sharing Mom and Dad's affection, check out Algy Craig Hall's Fine As We Are. Little Frog thinks he and his mom are getting along just fine by themselves, but his mom has other ideas. A whole gaggle of tadpoles join their little family and turn it into a great big one, and they're always getting in the way. But Little Frog might find that all those little tadpoles are good for something, if he's willing to try! Along the same lines is Ann Herbert Scott's beautiful On Mother's Lap. Michael knows he can make room on his mother's lap for him, his doll, his boat, his puppy and his blanket - but when baby wants to join, Michael thinks there's no room left. This sweetly illustrated story about the room we make for family is perfect for bedtime.

Laugh It Off

Sometimes, the best cure for sibling rivalry is a little laughter. Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets by M. P. Robertson is guaranteed to get a giggle out of even the most stubborn big brothers and sisters. Hieronymus has a wide collection of strange, noisy, and stinky pets, but he has one thing that is the strangest, noisiest, stinkiest of all - his little brother! Even sillier is Jenny Offil's 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore. Many of the things this big sister isn't allowed to do anymore involve teasing her little brother, or chucking cauliflower at him across the dinner table. This picture book is great for talking with kids about the better ways to treat our brothers and sisters.

Sibling Adoption

If you're looking for a picture book to help explain the adoption process to a soon-to-be big brother or sister, try Bringing Asha Home, by Uma Krishnaswami., that tells the story of eight-year-old Arun waiting for his new sister from India to arrive. Another fantastic adoption tale is Jin Woo, by Eve Bunting, in which Davey gets ready to have a new baby brother from China.

More Great Choices

Need even more books about brothers and sisters? Check out Micah Player's Chloe, Instead, about a big sister who hoped she would get a new baby sister just like her - but got rambunctious Chloe instead. And don't forget Todd Parr's The Family Book, which covers all kinds of families, big and small, with lots of brothers and sisters or just one or two.

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