Hairy Situations


Crazy Hair by Neil GaimanSome days hair just won't behave. No wide-tooth wonder comb or ultra-hold hairspray can defy it. So why not submit to it and let your hair have its way for a day? Laugh it off with these fun read aloud picture books.

Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman; Illustrated by Dave McKean
A man’s hair turns out to be a special hiding place for birds, beasts, water slides, dancers, and pirate ships. Find out what happens when a girl tries to comb this crazy hair. Features exquisite illustrations. Grades Preschool-2.

The Unexpectedly Bad Hair of Barcelona Smith by Keith GravesThe Unexpectedly Bad Hair of Barcelona Smith by Keith Graves
When a very cautious girl’s hair decides to run amok one day, she has no choice but to submit to its daredevil ways. Wildly imaginative. Grades K-3.

Baghead by Jarrett J. KrosoczkaBaghead by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
When Oliver wakes up with a bad case of bedhead, his whole family attempts to tame his uncontrollable mane. Full of wacky illustrations, great sound effects, and humor. Grades K-3.

Bedhead by Margie PalatiniBedhead by Margie Palatini; Illustrated by Jack E. Davis
One day, Josh mysteriously decides to wear a brown paper bag on his head. When he finally takes it off, we find out just what he was trying to hide. Grades Preschool-2.

Bugs in my Hair! by David ShannonBugs in my Hair! by David Shannon
A terrible discovery: head lice. Shannon’s illustrations are dramatic and funny, and turns this sensitive topic into an enjoyable read. Grades K-3.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the Youth Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay. Her hair is long, straight, and brown. Sounds easy? Wait till you see just how tangled it can get!

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