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If you have snapshots of your pets or a slew of photos from your last trip to the zoo, you will probably agree that some of the most exciting things to photograph are animals. They’re so interesting to look at, and every animal has its own unique personality.

Orangutans Are Ticklish Fun Facts From An Animal Photographer by Jill DavisNow, imagine photographing animals for a living. If it sounds like an adventurous job, it sure is. I recently came across a brand new book called Orangutans Are Ticklish, a book that is full of thrilling adventures that describe what it’s really like to work with all kinds of exotic animals. It also reminded me a couple of other excellent books of animal photographs. Check out all three titles!


Orangutans Are Ticklish
by Steve Grubman with Jill Davis
This brand new book features work by Steve Grubman, an animal photographer who primarily works with advertising agencies. Besides many amazing photos of chimps, tigers, kangaroos, and grizzly bears, the book of full of fun facts and on-set anecdotes (giraffes nuzzling his neck, kangaroos jumping over him). Full color, with a fun title! Steve Grubman’s blog is full of even more exciting photographs.

A is for…?: A Photographer’s Alphabet of Animals
by Henry Horenstein
This fun book is a bit of a guessing game. Horenstein’s photos are sepia-toned close-ups of a variety of animals. Kids are asked to guess the animals based on each glimpse of fur, feet, and feathers. Answers are provided at the back of the book. A “photographer’s note” at the end describes his work photographing animals.

Creature ABC
by Andrew Zuckerman
Simple and beautiful. Each page features an animal and its name, against a white backdrop. The animals really jump off the page, and the high resolution of the photos shows the texture in fur, feathers, scales, skin, and shell. The bright colors pop and the animals are sometimes caught in dramatic poses. Outstanding. Companion books, Creature Colors, Creature Numbers, and Creature (an adult coffee table book) are also available. Visit the Creature website for sample photographs.


Ranger Rick Jr. and National Geographic Little Kids are great monthly magazines that feature wonderful animal photography and facts.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the Youth Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay. Her favorite animals are giraffes, koalas, and birds.

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