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General Resources

Internet Public Library Kidspace
Librarian-recommended information on a variety of topics. Ask an IPL Reference Librarian service is also available.

Kid InfoBits
Homework help resources for beginning elementary school; also includes 75 popular kids magazines like Highlights and Sports Illustrated for Kids.

HelpNow is available for grades 3 - Adult Learners seven days a week from 1 PM – 10 PM. This program connects students to a real live tutor. Anyone can access the service from within the library or from home by visiting the San Mateo County Library eBranch, enter their grade level and the subject they need help in, and within a few minutes or less are connected to an expert tutor.

Tutor and student meet in a friendly online classroom where they can:

School Project Resources
Need help on a school project? Our librarians recommend specific web sites that will help complete popular assignment topics.

SMCL Homework Centers
Students may stop by one of our branch libraries' homework help centers.

Homework Help by Subject

Language Arts: Grammar; Read a Book; Vocabulary
Reference: Dictionaries; Encyclopedias; Thesaurus
Science: Animals; Astronomy; Geology; General Science; Math
Social Studies: California History; Current Events; Geography; Other Countries; People; States
The Arts: Art; Dance; Music

Language Arts 

Grammar Blast
Fun Brain Word Games

Grammar Gorillas

Read a Book
Children's Storybooks Online
Kids Reads
Benboszoo Alphabet
San Mateo County's Books+ Recommended Reading

Vocabulary University


Merriam-Webster's Word Central

Fact Monster
Internet Public Library Kidspace


Science and Math 

Creature Feature from National Geographic
Kids Go Wild
Animal Web Sites

The Planets
NASA Science for Kids
Astro for Kids

US Geological Survey for Kids
Volcano World
Savage Earth
Mineral Gallery
Earthquakes for Kids

General Science
BrainPop Science
You Can: Beakman and Jax
How Stuff Works: Science

Math Glossary (K-6)
A Plus Math (K-6)
Math.com (all)
The Math Forum (all)


Social Studies 

California History
California Indians
California Missions eBooks
PLS Librarian Links for California Missions
Missions Photo Tour 
Missions Photos (University of California, Riverside site)
Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories
Photos of the Gold Rush
Historical Documents

Current Events
Kids Newsroom

National Geographic Kids
GeoBee Challenge

Other Countries
CIA World Fact Book
Country Reports
Countries of the World
Say Hello to the World
Country at a Glance
Newspapers Around the World

Meet Amazing Americans
Time 100
My Hero

State web sites
States and Capitals 
Explore the States
Class Brain State Reports
Name That State Quiz

The Arts

Art Detective
Inside Art

Dance Kids

San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
Music Education at DataDragon

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