The Real Green Lantern


Green Lantern vol. 1, #1 (Fall, 1941). Featuring the Alan Scott version of the character. Art by Howard Purcell.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the super heroes you knew as a kid? Or  to the ones I knew as a kid? Some of them like the Green Lantern stay true to their original premise, and some, like Thor, God of Thunder; make you wonder.

Green Lantern Over the Years

Geoff Johns and others have brought back the Green Lantern character, which was originally produced in 1940. Over the years Green Lantern has tackled social issues but has still stayed true to its beginnings. They are all intergalactic police officers whose duty is to protect the weak from villainy.

The Weakness

No super hero should be absolutely invincible so a Green Lantern’s power ring cannot affect anything that is yellow. Each of the lanterns has a power ring and a saying to recharge it from their lantern.

The Oath

Green Lanterns have an oath that they repeat each time they power up their ring and the original one was:

“...and I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, The light of the Green Lantern!”

—Alan Scott

The oaths have changed from group or age but they all remind their ring bearers that they must never forget to oppose evil wherever they find it. My favorite one is the current one:

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!”

—Hal Jordan/Many Current Lanterns

The Green Lantern of Earth also became part of the Justice League of America, as well as, the Green Lantern Core so you can read about their adventures with other super heroes.

The Dark Side

Like any good super hero there has to be a super villain. Some of them are regular bad guys and some of them are lanterns who have abused their powers like Sinestro. These are the most dangerous of all because they know all about the green lantern core, the limitations of a green lantern ring, and what it is acceptable for a green lantern to do when opposing evil. These are the Red Lanterns, the Orange Lanterns and the Black Lanterns.

If you want to learn about the Green Lantern, the guardians, and the Green Lantern Core then check out any of these books below:

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The Justice League of America: The Ultimate Justice League

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Green Lantern: In Blackest Night

Green Lantern: In Brightest Day


Author Bio:

Gwen Miller is a Youth Services librarian who loves going into schools and giving database presentations and storytimes. As a board member for Pacifica Community Television, she helps to keep public access television on the air--PCT has sponsored over 250 half hour storytimes for preschoolers since 1980 and 50 Bilingual storytimes since 2004. She is also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where people recreate the best of the middle ages: her favorite areas are blackwork embroidery and historical cooking.

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